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We're BAAAaaack!!! (Read 2041 times)
Feb 19th, 2013 at 6:55am

Butch Cappel   Offline
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When K9Pro Sports started, 1992, there were no other types of bite work trials, except SchH & F. Ring, there were quite a few clubs headed up by a trainer that claimed to be training Personal Protection, and not SchH (aka, sport) 

When K9Pro started doing trials here in the U.S. many of these self proclaimed PP trainers wanting to be more than “self proclaimed” called and wanted to decoy for K9PS trials. They saw it as a way to get recognition from real world police & protection trainers as well as a system of proven PP standards that no one had ever seen. And my phone started ringing.

The most common brag made by a number of the people wanting to be K9PS decoys was “I can run any dog off the field” That was sort of the Gold Star of decoy skills in the minds of a lot of trainers at that time. I usually thanked them for calling and hung up shortly after that statement. 

As PP trainers throughout the country began holding K9PS trials I met more of the “I can run any dog” folks everywhere I went. As I began to explain why that “skill?” was really not desirable, some trainers started getting the message. 

Slowly as we held more and more trial/certifications, in every part of the country  the public began getting it. They wanted a training system that tested a dogs ability to stop an attacker, not a system where the attacker got to stop the dog.

The entire K9Pro concept of training took hold, then took off, moving out of the U.S. with acceptance from police, security, military & professional trainers, from around the world. 

As happens in the great big U.S. of A. imitators of all sorts began to pop up when they couldn't earn K9Pro certification. After all if you can't get it done the right way, just get it done your own way, with your buddies winning too, of course.

With the travel and the imitators getting old fast, we ratcheted down K9Pro in 2010, but Thomas Ravn, Tony McCallum, Katrina Hartwell, and the entire K9Pro leadership kept things going, and interest remained high all over the world.

In 2012, twenty years after the entire concept of Personal Protection certification was invented, I looked around and realized that once again in the U.S. there was no where for people with an interest in a real life protection dog to go for training, learning, or certification. It was like stepping into a time machine and going back to 1992. Only now the mantra from all the "PP" trainers was not "I can run any dog." It was now more politically correct to say, "Can your dog take MY Pressure!"    

Fighters like Randy Coture or Royce Gracie don't have to prove how much "pressure" they can take, they just meet their opponent and see who has the skills to win. That is what we introduced to PP dogs with K9Pro Sports, and it looks like it's time for a re-introduction to the real world.

Decoys all suited up and safe, with streamers, water bottles, and the dog hanging from their armpit are not what your dog will ever encounter, and will prove no fighting skills your dog may have trained for. 

Your dog can not fight an attacker while suspended from an armpit. We cannot judge the fighting skills of Royce Gracie if he is tied off to the ropes, while his opponent attacks him. You have to free Randy Coture to fight his fight, and you have to put your dog in realistic situations to judge how effective your training has been, and soooooooooo,

We're Baaaaack!

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